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"One can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats her animals"
– Mahatma Ghandi

Petting zoo, Edmonton Animal zoo, Edmonton Petting zoo, Edmonton

For bookings, phone 780-942-2793, or e-mail us.

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From just a few animals to a large Farm - we can provide them all! We arrive timely and always supervise your events.

Consider our Petting Zoos for:

  • Backyard & Birthday parties
  • Company Picnics
  • Fairs/Carnivals
  • Schools
  • Business Promotions
  • And much more!

See our Pricing page...

For bookings, phone 780-942-2793, or...

 E-mail us!




Pony Rides:

Our Ponies can be rented by the hour (see our Prices) and from 1 to 8 Ponies!

Our Ponies are healthy,
clean, and friendly.

Reptile Shows:

Our reptile shows visit hundreds of classrooms and private events. Our shows include incredibly exotic reptiles!
Phone us toll-free at 780-942-2793, or e-mail us today! Check out the packages below...

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(Animals may be substituted, depending on wellness, situation and crowd. Prices vary depending on event date and demand/supply.)

  Edmonton packages:

Animal zoo

(example price is for up to 4 hours in Edmonton)

30+  farm animals and baby rabbits, guini pigs, ducks, chickens, goat, sheep. (Required space 6m x 10m)

Starting at $625* for 4 hours for Edmonton (incl Sherwood Park, St Albert, Leduc and similar areas circa Edmonton.) Includes fencing, soft padding, hand ashes, and all clean-up. Must have 40 liters of water on-site .... for those thirsty critters.

* Prices can range from $625 to $825, depending on the day of the week. Phone us for your special price! 780-942-2793

Reptile zoo

(example price is for
1 hour in Montréal)

Reptiles, Amphibians and Aracneds! Perform is Anglo (English) or Franco (French). Provide education and fun about reptiles to all ages from Grade 1 to University!

Prises fluctuate by geographic location and date, so e-mail for your event! Prices can be as low as $185, or as high as $1,500.


 Here are some examples of our $395 show in the San Francisco Bay area:


Animal Zoo (or Reptile Zoo) in Edmonton:

Petting zoo, Edmonton Looking for a Petting Zoo in Edmonton, Alberta? We have Animal (Petting) Zoos - and our exibits go up to $750, but average $650 for 4 hours - for 30 animals, so e-mail us today for availability and rates for your next event - whether it be a back-yard birthday party, or a large-scale corporate festival - we can provide it! See our prices page.

Animal Zoo in Vancouver:

Looking for a Petting Zoo in Vancouver, British Columbia? We have Zoos - starting at $295 for a basic zoo. Our exibits go up to $2,500 [for the large, corporate or fair packages], so e-mail us today for availability and rates for your next event - whether it be a back-yard birthday party, or a large-scale corporate festival - we can provide it!

Reptile Shows:

Looking for reptiles in Quebec? We have them!
Animal guys

Looking for a Reptile Zoo in Montreal or Quedec in general? Our reptiles will contribute to the originality and success of your child's birthday party.

We have an assortment of giant pythons and other snakes (none of which are venomous), lizards, turtles, and crocodiles.

For about 1 hour, we will discuss these reptiles, answer questions, and we'll help those interested to touch them, and generally dispel some of the common myths!

Our animals are not only entertaining, they're educational! We cater to all ages!

For Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and all other cities in Canada, e-mail us now!


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