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Santa Claus in Edmonton and Calgary

Live Bands, Orchestras
and Musicians

Dance bands

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Edmonton dance band

The MacGyvers

They "MacGyver" it - they will play any music you want - for whatever your budget! It's all about FUN!

Edmonton's newest band in 2019!

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Calgry wedding band

Edmonton dance band

The Downtown Band

With the best professional Musicians in Edmonton, ths band plays any kind of music - they were recently hired (reluctantly) to play CCR (Creedence) tribute for the night, and not only did they "pull it off", the Customer hired them immediately for next year.

This band can perform - at a Professional level - for any event, with any kind of music!

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Photo is of the band as a Country cover band.

Calgry wedding band

Edmonton Big BandsBig-Band Jazz! The amazing sound of big-bands! Swing all night to every swingt hit from Benny Goodman to the Daddies. We can provide a sound system, or choose the less-expensive acoustic option. Either way, it's GREAT SOUND!

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Edmonton wedding bands

Edmonton OrchestrasOrchestras for any occasion, choose Smazal!

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Edmonton Orchestra groups

Edmonton wedding bands

Strathcona String QuartetFor Orchestras for weddings or corporate events, Strathcona String Quartet!

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Edmonton Orchestras

Toronto wedding bands

We provide Calypso, Steel Drums, Reggae bands, as well as Mariachi, Salsa, Russian, Ukranian, Romian, Filipino, Hawaiian, and most any ethnic band you can think of! We provide Hula Dancers, too! 
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Vancouver wedding bands

Alberta BandsOver-Easy

This band plays as a solo, duo, trio or 4-pc, and plays easy music, then flip them over and they'll play whatever music you want. You may request before the event, or they'll take requests on the fly!

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Bands in Calgary

Edmonton dance bands

The Klamdaggers

With the best dance, pop, 60's  - 90's set list, they will have your group dancing all evening!

This band can perform - at a Professional level - for any event, with any kind of music!

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Bands in Toronto

Wedding band in Edmonton and CalgaryRave On

Together over 26 years, this Edmonton band is a highly versatile 4-piece group, playing a wide range of Contemporary, Rock, Country, R&B and Popular music from the 50's to 90's and even today's hits.

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Mariachi band in Vancouver

Edmonton wedding dance bandsOut of the Blue Band

Playing everything from disco to country, rock to soul, from old to new - this band provides a level of energy and excitement that no DJ, or for that matter, most other bands, can only hope to match!

They supply their own stage and dance floor, light show. 7 person band of professional, educated musicians who thrive on giving their best every show.
Edmonton chhristmas party bands- Band (7 musicians and instruments)
- PA System for band use and your use for announcements, speeches etc.
- Soundman
- Pre-recorded music for before, between and after bands sets (Including dinner music if required)
- Professional light show for stage and dance floor.

Contact us today for booking and availability.

Dance bands in Calgary

Edmonton Christmas party bandsRansom Band

6 decades of top dance hits! A versatile party band performing a diversified list of six decades of top hits from the the 50’s to present day hits covering Rock’n’Roll, Country, R&B, Blues, Rockabilly, Classic & Modern Rock.

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Dance band in Edmonton

In Calgary:

Tequila Gold Band, CalgaryThe Tequila Gold Band

This group of unbelievably talented musicians can be hired in configurations of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 musicians! Three excellent lead singers, a fantastic guitar and bass player, a killer drummer, awesome sax man and organ/piano player - put together a band that is second to none!

This awesome band prides themselves on learning brand new material from current artists on the charts. They cover artists like Ed Sheran, Mark Ronson, The Weekend, X Ambassadors, Walk the Moon, Daft Punk, Train, Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons, and country artists like Billy Currington, Chris Stapleton, Lady Antebellum and Florida Georgia Line.

Their ability to play all types of music requested makes for an amazing event for you!

Contact us today for booking and availability.

Dance bands in Toronto

We provide many more bands - in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and all across Canada. We also provide Mariachi bands!

Canada Mariachi bands

Mexican band in Vancouver

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Wedding and dance band

NOTE: due to a rash of last-minute cancelations, we require a non-refundible deposit.
We do not accept "promises": "We're good for it - we'll pay you after."
98.3%  do  cancel, since they had nothing to loose.  We are sorry to have to implement this with all entertainment.

Note about Corona effects on availability:
Our products or what we offer may change in availability. Corona has made many of our entertainers
stop performing, get day jobs, move away, and/or raise prices.
Our hearts go out to those who have died from the vaccine.
Again, deposits are not refundable - even if due to a Corona cancelation.

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